Deep Sea Fishing Charters- What an Adventure

Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing Charters

Deep Sea Fishing isn’t the same as fishing from your small boat in a nice calm lake for bass and brim. This is an adventure in fishing that you will never forget. The deep blue ocean waters are not always calm. They provide you with more exploratory courses. Deep Sea fishing is more than a mental game trying to find the best fishing hole and outsmarting your catch with the right bait. It is normally a very physical activity, that either demands you to be in shape or have plenty of help pulling in your big catch.

Fishing enthusiasts venture out to sea with perfectly coordinated captain and crew of a boat also called a charter boat. It is important that you feel comfortable with the captain and his crew because they are very important to you not only for catching great fish, but having a fun experience.  Your group and the crew will take a voyage into the deep blue sea, ride the waves and smell and hunt exotic species of fish, and return to the coast with some prized catch!

One of the most favorite areas, where one can have the pleasure of indulging in great fishing with magnificent scenery,  is Destin,  Florida. We have been noted as “The World’s Luckiest Fishing Village” because of the array of great fish that are available to catch on our charters. From Grouper to Sharks we can catch most any type of salt water fish you are looking for. Tuna and Spanish Mackerel are popular fish caught in our area.

When selecting a charter boat, you want to know as much as you can about the captain and crew. As well as how knowledgeable the charter boat company is of the weather and fishing conditions at the time of the year when  you are wanting to take a fishing trip. It is good idea to ask for references as well as visit online sources to look at reviews from people that have used their services.

Most charter boat companies book their trips based on the length of time. This is the amount of time you want to be out fishing. The price will vary from short trips to longer ones. For example, a 10-hour trip will take you farther out where the larger game fish reside. Some trips are even booked overnight or in the evening hours. For example, shark hunting is ideal on dark nights.

If you are looking for a great deep sea fishing experience, please contact us at One Mo’r Fishing Charter. Our friendly and experience captain and crew with guarantee a wonderful adventure. Please visit our website at to book your trip.

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